Changelog Flowbox v1.3

Changelog Flowbox v1.3

New features:

  • Node Editor:
    • added switches to Node Editor top bar:
      • show node names
      • node simplified representation — solid color circle
      • mode: node ports visible not only when mouse is near
      • allow only one Viewer Color per node
      • allow node dragging by text
    • node texts are now smaller
  • Roto/Viewer:
    • quick shape scaling with Alt key + RMB (or with Alt+Shift+RMB — same scale ration on X & Y axis)
    • added lifetime feature to roto properties — also visible in Timeline (currently handling one lifetime range per shape, multi lifetime ranges per shape coming soon)
      isolate shape
    • new isolate shape feature, hide gizmos and ripple edit now have color frame around Viewer when enabled
    • toggle shape's selection in viewer with Shift+LMB.
  • Animation:
    • now the interpolation between key frames is smooth (possibility to switch to straight animation from Dope Sheet)
  • Infrastructure

Major improvements to existing features:

  • fixes deselection click sensitivity issue. Mouse move is acknowledged only after some threshold so that click with micro-moves is still considered a click in place.
  • performance improvements for showing gizmos in Viewer and properties in Property Editor

Major bug fixes:

  • fixed RAM detection issue on MacOS
  • fixed random crashes when using multiple windows
  • fixed issue with shortcuts failure in timeline
  • fixed operations in curve editor on large frame values

LMB - left mouse button
RMB - right mouse button

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