Changelog Flowbox v1.5


Changelog Flowbox v1.5


New features:

  • Multi-thread caching & caching near current frame
  • Export roto to Adobe After Effects1
  • Track per folder/shape - copy transform from track and paste it to the roto directory with shapes or paste into separate shape
  • Nudge roto points with key arrows and modifiers (10px - SHIFT, 1px - ALT and 1/10px- ALT&SHIFT)
  • Hide shape option(also gizmos) when opacity is set to zero (option enabled by default)
  • Advanced display settings - customize Roto shape visuals

Major improvements to existing features:

  • Shape isolation mode now hides gizmos and mattes
  • Rectangle select now selects either shapes or points (previously only point selection)
  • Smooth track interpolation
  • Stabilize points/shapes and offset view with pan/zoom without loosing stablization
  • Add shapes to existing shape-box with SHIFT key
  • Various usability improvements

Major bug fixes:

  • Support for non-Latin character paths on Windows
  • Fixed crashes caused by quick point addition
  • Single image import via drag & drop
  • Curve Editor: fixed improper curve behavior when moving multiple curves at once


1After Effects is a registered trademark of Adobe Systems Inc.

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