Changelog Flowbox v1.6


Changelog Flowbox v1.6


New features:

  • F-Splines - new shape representation for ultimate flexibility: combine unique powers of Beziers and X-Splines in a single curve
  • Hard Edge Checker - will save the day when dealing with the motion blur
  • Pause Viewer - you can now freeze a selected Viewer to achieve real-time playback when using multiple Viewers
  • Crop - now you can crop your 4K plate to save memory and keep the best performance
  • Tracking Import - easy import Corner Pin from Mocha1 or Nuke2
  • Render to separate channels - split your roto into separate channels to save on rendering time
  • Multiple projects - you can open more than one project now. (experimental)

Major improvements to existing features:

  • Performance - way faster in loading nodes and playback
  • Ripple Edit - now possible to work on specific range
  • Floating License Server - installer for CentOS/RHEL 6+
  • Roto - added new output: “AlphaOnly”
  • Nodes/Viewer - universal pixelAspect support in various nodes
  • Viewer/Roto - added possibility to set (“K”) and delete (Alt+”K”) shape keys in viewer
  • Welcome screen - new panel with fresh news and tutorials for you

Major bug fixes:

  • Timeline/Rendering - problem when rendering frames with 7 and more digits
  • Export - wrong feather export to Nuke2


1Mocha is a registered trademark of Boris FX
2Nuke is a registered trademark of The Foundry Visionmongers Limited

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