Changelog Flowbox v1.7

Changelog Flowbox v1.7


New features:

  • Integrated Mocha Planar Tracker - mocha engine seamlessly integrated into Flowbox UI:

    • Added new tab in Roto node properties - “Mocha  Tracking” with parameters to control tracking process
    • Added corner pin operations context menu in the shapes tree
    • Added top bar with planar tracker controls including track backward/forward, track one frame backward/forward, strop track, clear track backward/forward, setting the track range
    • Added support for tracking area masks.
  • Performance
    • Completely rebuilt the process architecture - way faster startup times
    • Rewritten Roto Node for faster loading
    • Packages for all supported systems (Windows, Linux, MacOS) are now much lighter, approximately around 200mb after unpacking and installation.
  • Licensing
    • License Server - Flowbox now supports new license types: it  can be run with license for base Flowbox or for Flowbox with Integrated Mocha Planar Tracking
    • Perpetual licenses - from now you can buy Flowbox permanent license with or without Mocha integration.

Major bug fixes:

  • Startup issues - eliminated issue with Flowbox crashing during startup on  Windows system


Mocha is a registered trademark of Boris FX

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